Hero Healers: The Virtual Sciatica Solution

In direct response to the ever increasing difficulty that the current health care system has created, people like you have been prevented from getting the care that you need… THE CARE YOU DESERVE!

With over 75 years of combined experience as physical therapists, assistants and certified trainers, our "Hero Healers" have treated thousands of sciatica sufferers and other back pain problems successfully,

After experiencing the ever-growing need for physical therapy advice, guidance and care for patients who were dealing with back, leg and buttocks pain – Family Physical Therapy Services decided to do something about it. With decades of experience serving clients at our "Brick and Mortar" facility we noticed that there were a myriad of roadblocks for people getting the care they deserve. Especially due to ongoing work and family demands and high insurance costs – or even inability to secure health insurance at all, our team knew that a "virtual "or "remote" solution would fill immediate and even ongoing needs.

Hero Healers is a telemedicine service that brings physical therapy to you. No time off from work. No waiting weeks for an appointment and no hoops to jump through with insurance. In the comfort of your own home, and at  time of your choosing, you can get some answers about your back, buttock and leg pain, and start on your road to recovery.

You can stop your pain and get back to living the active life that you and your family need and deserve. In just a few minutes you can find out if you have sciatica and learn how you can get back to living.

By taking 4 self-tests and answering a few simple questions, you can learn more about the possible cause of your leg pain and how to take care of yourself. If you need more help, you can seek assistance from a Hero Healer.

All of the Hero Healers are licensed physical therapy practitioners and are carefully vetted and hired by Cathy Leer herself, so you will always get help and care from a Hero Healer that meets the highest quality standards.

So if you are one of the millions of people experiencing sciatic leg pain, or think you might have sciatica, know that we understand what you’re going through and have created a solution that we know can help.


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