Maximize Autumn By Minimizing Falls

Maintain Your Independence

[caption id="attachment_3131" align="alignleft" width="283"] seniorin stürzt über teppichkante[/caption] Falls are one of the leading causes of fatal and nonfatal injuries in those over the age of 65. Just one fall can lead to injury, impaired function, loss of confidence in everyday activities, loss of independence and...
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Newsflash! Health Insurance Premiums to Skyrocket!

NH Rates Are Out Of Control

Health Insurance open enrollment is right around the corner. With the health insurance premiums on the individual market expected to go up 52% for 2018, can you afford it? There’s certainly a lot to consider. Are you healthy? Are...
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Ask Us About Telemedicine

Hero Healers Offers Telemedicine For All!

Earlier this year, we launched Hero Healers: The Sciatica Solution For Men. Last month, we were asked by our patients if we could open Hero Healers to all therapies, not just sciatica., What a GREAT idea!!! So, we are rebranding this...
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Say Goodbye To Summer Without Saying Hello To Pain

As summer draws to a close, it won’t be long before many of us close down the old summer cottage for the winter. This can include many strenuous activities like putting boats or canoes away, bringing in docks, moving appliances to weatherproof them, swapping out screens...
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