I started therapy here Jan. 4, 2017 and finished Feb. 2, 2017. I came into Family PT on one crutch. I worked with both Jenn and Tom the first few times. Tom was my primary therapist and he asked me what I was doing for therapy outside. I showed him the different exercises. He took them one by one and was able to fine tune them, like leaning forward on squats as I had been leaning the wrong way. I have bi-lateral hip and back problems. Tom evaluated every exercise I was doing outside and made adjustments so as not to injure myself during my recovery. Tom really gets into his job and I found him fully dedicated to his patients. The patient has to do the therapy and follow through or they won’t get the benefits of his expertise. Tom gets an A+ from me. I did my part as well. All patients are not created equal nor are all therapists. I would give Tom and Family PT the highest recommendation and remind new patients to follow through on their end to get the maximum results.


Henry Richards,


"Tom and Jenn were very supportive with helping me function a lot better in an attempt to preserve my occasional falling. I have broken 3 fingers and my sternum at different times and thanks to them, I have better control of me legs with the hope of no more occurrences. Thank you Tom and Jenn."

G. Wenzel,


"Effie has been absolutely fantastic! I started coming to her when I was 5 months pregnant and my hip pain was so bad I could barely walk. She gave me lots of helpful stretches to do and also explained how pregnancy affects your ligaments. It was nice to know I was not alone! I continued to seeing her after my pregnancy to work on some lingering hip and back pain, and she has been so helpful with stretches and information on proper body mechanics. I’m going to miss her!"

V. Weber,


"I came to PT with what I felt was unbearable neck pain from arthritis. I did not want to take pain pills so requested a referral back to physical therapy (I was here 5+ years ago). Effie works wonders! I had been unable to attend gym and aerobics classes- now I am back the gym (after 4 months away) and have resumed walking 2 miles daily with my dogs and last week I went downhill skiing. Thanks so much!"

T. Shaka,